Happy 1st Anniversary to Kaley and Keith!

They were married 1 year ago today on October 14, 2017 at The Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain in Collingwood.

With a dreadful forecast in the lurk, the rain managed to hold off for all of our pre-ceremony photographs thus it turned out to be a wonderful afternoon….with very deep and rich fall colours!

Below is a very brief overview of Kaley & Keith’s wedding day.  Enjoy the love and fun from their very special and memorable day!

Wedding Vendors

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I am pleased to have BridesMade contribute this special guest blog post here on my blog.  They are a Canadian company that rents and sells size-adjustable bridesmaid dresses.

Below they will share with you reasons to rent your bridesmaid dresses.  Enjoy!


BridesmadeSo you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid? How exciting! But after that initial excitement, everyone knows that your bank account already starts to regret it and you begin getting worried about how you will fit this extra commitment into your busy-bee lifestyle. The good news is that the wedding industry has started to advance in the right direction, with the shift toward rental bridesmaid dresses! Trust us, this trend is transforming the life of bridesmaids. Read on to find out how!


There is absolutely no need to spend an obscene amount of money on a bridesmaid dress that you’ll only wear once, and will end up collecting dust in your closet for the rest of eternity. When you rent your dress, you will pay a fraction of the price (including shipping and cleaning) and have no need for extra alteration costs. That extra cash you saved can then be spent on tons of other things for the big day. You can now afford to rent matching bridal robes, or even matching flower girl dresses for your wedding party!

Environmentally Friendly

Textile waste is an ever present issue, with North Americans sending 9.5 million tonnes of clothing to landfills every year. By renting your bridesmaid dress, you can help avoid excess manufacturing and reduce textile waste in landfills. When it comes to something like bridesmaid dresses which almost never get worn again, it makes perfect sense to rent. Zero-waste, eco-friendly weddings are trending, but most importantly they are the right thing to do. For your upcoming wedding, do your part for the planet and go GREEN with your rental dress! Shop the look here.



Renting is simple and stress-free. Your bridesmaids will LOVE you! The entire process takes place online and can be completed in under 30 minutes. Plus, your dress will be delivered right to your doorstep, saving everyone precious time. Say goodbye to hour-long trips to multiple boutiques to find the perfect dress and appointments at a tailor for alterations. Savvy brides know that renting is the way to go!


There you have it. If saving time, money and being eco-friendly all at once sounds good to you – choose to rent for your upcoming wedding!

Written by: BridesMade


Thank you to the contributors of BridesMade for sharing their expertise!

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This blog post is long overdue, but the session is a must see!

Kaley and Keith’s “She Said Yes Session” (aka Engagement Session) was photographed in Midland, Ontario. What a fantastic setting on Georgian Bay!  The pier has many opportunities and shooting late in the evening before sunset gave that nice “kicker light” around the hair (or in Keith’s case his ball cap 🙂 ).

This is just a small sample from their 1 hour-ish session. Enjoy!

(Wait until you see their wedding day at The Westin at Blue Mountain in Collingwood. Stay tuned).

Midland Engagement Session

Midland Engagement Session

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What a remarkable day it was on June 29, 2017 at Blue Mountain Resorts in Collingwood.  High school sweethearts Cari-lyn and Adam tied the knot at the top of the mountain.  It also happened to be the Elvis Festival weekend.

The view from the ceremony site is absolutely breathtaking as is the gondola ride back down to the village.  The variety for photo opportunities at the village is always awesome to work with – I think the wedding party had a great time!

I also have to mention Cari-lyn’s wonderful faux bouquets from Michaels Stores!

Below is just a small overview of the day.  Congratulations CL & A!  It was a privilege photographing one of the most important days of your lives!

Collingwood Wedding

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