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Part 2 of Samandy and Manny’s wedding day at the Majestic Elegance Resort, Punta Cana, D.R.

The beach!

So I have to say, I just loved Manny’s suit.  Not only did it go with the beach theme, but it totally jived with Manny’s personality as well.

And of course, I loved Samandy’s dress too.

Night came, but that didn’t stop us! I’m a huge fan of night shots and Samandy & Manny were totally into it just as much as I was (they actually skipped dinner with everyone and ate it later! : ) ).

The main lobby building of the Majestic Elegance Resort.

As I mentioned previously, the suites of the Majestic Elegance are totally fantabulous!  We did a few images here before heading to the reception.

Looooooove that couch and the light/art piece thing above it.


We had Salmon, Lobster and Octopus for dinner. Would you believe it was one of the best wedding meals I have ever had? Yep, true story. I was quite shocked myself (especially the octopus part). Normally I am quite scared to eat anything in the D.R. that has a face (ie. meat), but when you are “Starvin’ Marvin” you’ll eat anything that is put in front of you. Actually, any of the weddings I’ve eaten at in the D.R. have all been really great, but the salmon, lobster and octopus was extra YUMMY!! (Now I’m totally hooked on lobster which is going to be an expensive habit). The octopus was cut in super small pieces so you wouldn’t have known you were actually eating parts of this big squid fish creature.

Up next, Samandy and Manny’s Trash-the-Dress session!

I finally got to meet Samandy and Manny in person the day before their wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We were not able to meet until then because they live in New York and I live here (Ontario). Samandy and Manny are both American-born-Dominicans raised/currently living in Bronx, NY. It was nice they were able to travel to where their roots are and tie the knot there (and much easier on the pocket book to get married in the D.R. than the state of New York!).

Samandy and Manny were married at the Majestic Elegance Resort, but this was not the original plan.  They had booked everything at the sister resort next door, The Majestic Colonial, but when they arrived 2 days before their wedding, they were informed all the rooms were full, there was no room for them or their guests and they they had to stay next door at the Majestic Elegance instead (oh, and get married there as well!).  Imagine finding all of this out 2 days before your wedding!  This is really nothing out of the ordinary for Caribbean countries though – disorganization is the norm so if you go there and expect things to go wrong, you won’t be disappointed.  If you expect everything to go as planned, you’ll be super duper disappointed.

The Majestic Elegance is one notch up from the Majestic Colonial – the rooms are MUCH nicer at the Elegance.  So in all honesty, S & M had it made by staying there instead.

A few quick and random facts about Samandy and Manny:

  • They first met when they were 15 years old.
  • After their wedding, they enjoyed a honeymoon in PARIS!!!!!!!
  • Manny went skydiving 2 weeks before his wedding jumping out of a plane at 17,000 feet – yes, seventeen thousand.  I saw the video of him skydiving and thought it was absolutely crazy!!
  • Samandy and Manny are both 10 years younger than me.  Funny, when I first started shooting weddings almost 11 years ago, most of my clients were my age, some much much older.  Now, many of my couples are getting younger and younger and younger…..
  • Both their moms immigrated to Bronx, NY from the Dominican Republic.
This is part 1 of their destination wedding experience.  Welcome to March 13, 2010 – Samandy and Emmanuel’s wedding day:


Emmanuel (Manny).

The ceremony took place at the gazebo (which was really nicely decorated).

Purple was the theme colour.

Samandy and Manny’s pastor from their home church in NY officiated their ceremony for them.

The entire ceremony was in Spanish. Not an ounce of English or Spanglish – just Spanish.  I had no idea what was being said, but that didn’t matter, although, taking a basic Spanish course is on my life’s “to do” list.

S & M’s moms (upper right photo).

The Majestic Elegance has some awesome photo opportunities inside the resort.

Samandy really knows how to work the camera!

And Manny’s not bad at it either! ; )

Loved these ones!

Part 2 is next – the beach!

Guess who is this week’s spotlight couple on

Katie and Wes!

I photographed their wedding on December 10, 2009 in Punta Cana, D.R. and they were recently interviewed by Weddingbells for their “Real Wedding” section:

You’ll definitely want to check the article out so you can find out how Wes proposed to Kate, how they initially met, the scoop on their wedding day, all their wedding vendors, etc.

No destination wedding is complete without a Trash-the-Dress Session!  Don’t be fooled by name “trash-the-dress” though – you aren’t really trashing your dress (unless you really want to).  Essentially with beach TTD’s, you are simply frolicking in the sand and ocean in your wedding attire resulting with a collection of wedding images that are truly unique, edgy and like no other.

I tend to go for the more “cinematic” feel being inspired by music videos and such.  Kind of like the “Harlequin Romance” novel look (although I have never read any of those books – honest).

We did K & W’s session the day after their wedding just before sunset.  I always start the session on dry land for a warm-up and to “break-the-ice” so to speak – essentially so we can get into the groove.

I hope you enjoy the imagery I created for Katie and Wes’ TTD session!

I so love this photo. Kate turned to the side to fluff up her dress and voila.  Her hair blowing in the wind is an added bonus, really adding to the mood of the image.

Here’s the part where things get wet, sandy and a little dirty – in a good way of course.

Love those waves.

I think I took enough photos of Wes here so Katie could make herself a 12-month calendar. Hehehe.

This is one of my favourite images from their entire wedding.

These little huts on the beach are fun to work with.

Thanks for tuning in to Kate and Wes’ entire destination wedding. I will be posting their slideshow with music soon!

  1. Beth Baugher said:
    this shoot is to die for, man alive, SEXY ARTY COOL. lucky to have such an amazing couple location...and TALENT. great work !!
    February 24, 2010  1:32 am