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It’s been tough keeping this a secret, but the press just hit the stands today!

Back in January I found out that Jenn and Jimmy were being interviewed by Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine for their “Real Brides, Real Advice” section! J & J were married at the Majestic Colonial Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on January 16, 2008. One year later they were being interviewed by America’s leading destination wedding publication (yes, it is published in the U.S. and appears on newsstands 4 times per year).  Destination Weddings & Honeymoons is the number one (U.S.) national magazine devoted exclusively to romantic travel and weddings away!  It is a privilege for me to be a part of this fantastic publication and a big thanks goes to Jenn and Jimmy for taking the time out of their busy schedule as first-time parents for the interview.

Jenn & Jimmy bottom right on page 20.

If you are out and about, this is the cover to look for on newsstands (please note: I did NOT photograph this cover – let’s not start rumours!).  It is the Spring 2009 issue.

P.S. In case you missed it, one of Amy & Allen’s wedding photos (Grand Palladium Resorts, Punta Cana, D.R. – 01.11.08) was published in the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine.

P.P.S. In case you also missed it, Jenn & Yuron (Majestic Colonial Resort, Punta Cana, D.R. – 01.26.08) were interviewed by The Canadian Press for Trash-the-Dress sessions.

  1. Christy said:
    Congratulations Stacey!
    April 1, 2009  9:00 am
  2. Danielle said:
    That's awesome! Congratulations!
    April 1, 2009  11:58 am

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Amanda and Ben were interviewed for their “destination wedding” for a newspaper article in a special annual wedding edition that is published by The Huntsville Forester and The Bracebridge Examiner.

The article spans over 5 pages.  Amanda speaks about the challenges and solutions for planning a wedding from the United States when your wedding is taking place in Canada.  Amanda reviews all her vendors on the final page and discusses the criteria she was looking for in each one and why she choose them.

Look for this cover of the publication if you are out and about in the Muskoka area. The publication has loads of great info and vendors that service the area.

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Dreams certainly do come true.

One of my 2008 wedding images has been published in the latest issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine.  This magazine is the most elite and prestigious bridal magazine in all of the entire USA.  (It is also the first magazine I’ve ever submitted images to).

I photographed Amy and Allen’s wedding on January 11, 2008. This image was from their Trash-the-Dress Session.

Here is the proof! If you are out and about, check out the latest issue (Spring/Summer 2009) of Grace Ormonde and turn to page 82! Although this magazine is published out of the U.S., you may certainly find a copy in any Chapter’s, Loblaws and even small town convenience stores here in Canada.  It is an absolutely beautiful magazine that is approx. 9×12 in size.  I should mention Amy and Allen’s photo was printed full page – nice and big as it deserves.


  1. Danielle said:
    Congratulations Stacey!!!! That's so awesome!
    I'm not surprised though!
    January 22, 2009  11:47 am
  2. Katie said:
    Way to go Stacey!
    That is a great accomplishment.
    January 22, 2009  12:09 pm
  3. Amy said:
    Congrats Stacey! I know we are very excited to see the magazine!!!!
    January 22, 2009  12:12 pm
  4. Candace said:
    WOW Stacey!!
    Congratulations! Stunning picture in a fabulous magazine!
    Keep Dreaming BIG!
    January 22, 2009  9:45 pm
  5. Mark said:
    Hey Stacey,

    That is amazing! Congrats. We are really stoked.
    The image rocks too.
    All the best in '09
    PS How did your Bridal Show go?
    January 22, 2009  10:39 pm
  6. Don and Judy said:
    Hey Stacey,
    Your mom's right. This is awesome. We are very proud of you. I'll have to look for the magazine when we are back.
    January 23, 2009  12:16 pm
  7. Stacey Wight said:
    Thanks everyone! I am truly jumping for joy! (jump, jump!). Hi Mark - the bridal show was a slice. I do enjoy the boutique shows.
    January 23, 2009  1:26 pm
  8. Awesome Stacy! I have seen some of your work on the Pictage forums your new site is amazing!
    January 25, 2009  12:56 am
  9. That is so awesome; that is a great shot and in a very nice mag.
    January 25, 2009  4:51 pm
  10. Paula Herko said:
    Congrats!!!! This is amazing! You deserve it! Beautiful image-
    January 25, 2009  6:44 pm
  11. Heidi Abbott said:
    Stacey - Thanks for the comments on my blog. I appreciate your input so much. Your photography is simply gorgeous. God bless!
    January 27, 2009  12:05 am

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A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from The Canadian Press. Reporter Tamara King was putting together a story on Trash-the-Dress sessions and asked if I was able to do a small interview with her.  I of course said “yes”. Tamara was also looking for photographs and a bride to interview for the story so I passed along Jennifer (and Yuron’s) info.  I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Jenn and Yuron’s wedding day and trash-the-dress session in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic at the Majestic Colonial Resort back in January 2008.

And look what made the front cover of the Lifewise section at today!  Taa daa!  That’s Jenn and Yuron!

This a screenshot of the article itself. Click here to read the full article and quotes from Jenn on!

The article also made The Kitchener Record – along with, The Cape Breton Post, The Red Deer Advocate and also put together a gallery of Trash-the-Dress wedding photographs and Kelly and Jared’s photos were featured in the gallery as well!

Click here to view the entire gallery featuring other fantastic TTD images from other fantastic photographers.

A big thanks to Jenn and Yuron!

  1. Christy said:
    Congrats Stacey, great exposure for you!
    November 6, 2008  10:26 pm
  2. Lauretta said:
    Congratulations, Stacey. What a great way to spread your name and talent across Canada! The pics they chose look incredible, as usual :)
    November 8, 2008  10:37 pm
  3. That is so exciting Stacey!!! Congratz!
    November 12, 2008  4:00 pm
  4. Stacey Wight said:
    Thanks Andrea, Lauretta and Christy!
    November 26, 2008  8:50 pm

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