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I am doing a 2 part series on Melissa and Mathew’s wedding. There are so many images you need to see as we shot at several different locations around Collingwood on their beautiful wedding day. The images below are from the pre-ceremony to pre-reception. Part 2 will be from their reception at The Georgian Bay Club.

Happy Couple: Melissa and Mathew
Anniversary Date for Mathew to remember: Saturday May 24, 2008
Wedding Location: Collingwood, Ontario

THE dress. Melissa got ready at The Westin Trillium House at Blue Mountain in Collingwood.

THE shoes. Melissa is a smart girl – comfort!

The elevator.

Here is Matt when I arrived at Trinity United Church in Collingwood. A very happy groom!

No Photoshop effects here and no you are not seeing double. The ringbearers are twins.

The receiving line after the ceremony allowed for some fun photos of everyone. This is one of my favourites of Mathew.

LOVED Melissa’s bouquet!

The little flowergirl.

The old train station in Collingwood is an excellent location for family photos and bridal party photos.

I don’t think Melissa could have selected and worn a dress that was anymore suited for her. It looked SO FANTASTIC!

And Matt looked very dapper in his suit and paisley tie.

I couldn’t decide between black/white or colour – I love both.

These were taken on family waterfront property. LOVE long grass!

Just down the road from The Georgian Bay Club was this AWESOME apple orchard. We stopped here for a few photos as well.

I have to say this is one of my favourite photos from the day.

This photo was taken in the women’s locker room at The Georgian Bay Club. This is one of my fav photos of Melissa and I love how the image really accentuates her awesome dress!

Stay tuned for “part 2” from their wedding reception.

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  1. excellent work stacey! my favorite is the 2nd one of them walking away through the orchard with the lens flare pointing at them from above.
    August 29, 2008  7:23 pm

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I love when the couples I work with so graciously send me a beautiful testimonial that I can share with all of you. Here is what Katie and Pat had to say about their wedding photos:

“Wow!!! Our At-Home Wedding Reception photos are absolutely amazing. What can we say but thank you so very much for all of your hard work. When we first spoke I mentioned I wanted the photos to have an artistic and photo-journalistic look, not to be posed. I see the end result and you captured the day the way I envisioned it. You obtained so many candid moments during our reception and took the pressure off of me to ensure that our guest photos were taken. The pictures of the kids attending were so cute. It is amazing how you captured the beauty of my home town after only being their less than a day. Your creativity and eye for beauty shows in all our photos. Our one of a kind photo album looks beautiful. I can look at our album over and over again. These are the memories you captured that we can treasure forever. Our sincere thanks!”
Katie & Pat
Thunder Bay, Ontario


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Despite the fact it rained like cats and dogs for Kearin and Brian’s entire wedding day (until we wrapped up the bridal party photos for the reception to begin – then it stopped raining and the sun came out), they still had a beautiful wedding!

Who: Kearin and Brian
What: Their Wedding Day.
When: Saturday May 3, 2008
Where: Talisman Mountain Resort, Kimberley ON

Here is a snippet from their day:

Now it actually stopped raining for a few minutes at Brian’s cottage – but just a few minutes.

The wine cellar in Talisman was awesome for photos!

Kearin and Brian’s Guest Signing Book – you may view the entire book design here.

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  1. Beckie said:
    Beautiful! I especially love the one with everyone mingling in the stairway - super cute idea! :)
    August 27, 2008  12:10 am

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“April showers bring May’s flowers” was not the case for Jen and Francesco’s wedding in April! We had amazing weather for their beautiful wedding day on April 19th.

There are too many photos to post that relive their wedding day, but here are a few below. I would highly encourage you to view their Slideshow with Music (featuring the world’s longest song – the same song Jen’s mom walked down the aisle when her mom and dad were married).

Who: Jennifer and Francesco
What: Their Wedding Day
When: Saturday April 19, 2008
Where: Drake Hotel, Queen St. W, Toronto (Pre-Ceremony), Liberty Village (Pre-Ceremony), The Match Restaurant, Woodbridge ON (Ceremony and Reception)

Slideshow: Jen and Francesco’s Slideshow with Music

Jen and Franc are both hairstylists.

Jen is also a make-up artist. These getting ready photos took place in the (XL) Suite at The Drake Hotel.

The Drake has super cool suites.

LOVED the wallpaper in the hallways! (This is one of my fav’s of Jen).

These are downstairs in the lounge.

Quality graffiti just behind the hotel. And lot’s of it!

Little Bailey.

We went to Liberty Village to do all the family formals and wedding party photos. Very cool place.

wedding photo

The Match Restaurant in Woodbridge was where the ceremony and reception was held. Awesome venue and fabulous food!

There was ALOT of dancing going on.

This super cool Icecream Station came out around 10pm. I had never seen anything like this before. It is hard to explain, but the icecream was a bit of a science project.

That’s the icecream!

Weren’t Jen’s shoes totally awesome!

It was a slice photographing Jen and Francesco’s wedding day from start to finish. Congratulations to both of them!

  1. Erin Smith said:
    Stacy your photography is to die for! Your work is just amazing girl, keep up the good work!
    August 25, 2008  4:16 pm

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This is the official blog post for Katie and Pat.

I had the privilege of flying to Thunder Bay to photograph Katie and Pat’s At-Home Reception in April. They were married in the Dominican Republic back in January and held a gathering back home for friends and family that did not attend their wedding down south. After the reception, Katie, Pat and I travelled around TB to do some photos of the two of them in their hometown! It was cold, but very Thunder Bayish.

It was fun for me to see a different part of Ontario. Oddly, it only takes 30 minutes more to fly to PEI from Toronto as it does to fly to Thunder Bay from Toronto. Strange but very true! An interesting tidbit of information.

Who: Katie and Pat
At Home Reception
April 12, 2008
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Album Design: Katie and Pat’s Album Design

A nice tropical theme.

Stunning details.

I took photos of Katie and Pat’s actual album – you may view them here.

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