Yikes. My computer got struck by lightning on the big June 4 storm so I was out of commission for 1.5 weeks. So much for investing in a really good surge protector – evidently they don’t work too well and this is actually the second time one of my CPU’s has been hit by lightning. It was quite disastrous this time though – pooched the motherboard (but luckily both my hard drives were fine). Anyhow, things are back to normal.

And back to blogging…..

Finally – Tiffany and Dustin’s big day! October 9, 2010 on Renaissance Private Island, Aruba. You are going to love this location. It’s 40 acres of exclusive island paradise with lots of pink flamingos.  It was insanely hot (like 100 degrees Fahrenheit which is 37.7777778 degrees Celsius), but everyone survived.  I enjoyed this island and would definitely visit again.  I particularly enjoyed staying at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino because they had a Starbucks in the lobby which was the only one on the island!

I’m thrilled Tiffany and Dustin invited me to be their wedding photographer.  Enjoy their photos!

I started off the day at Tiffany’s beautiful family home where she was getting ready.

No lawn to cut in the side yard (pool) and backyard.

Make Up: Ashley Shind of The Make-Up Artists, Boston MA

Hair: Jennifer Guild, Boston MA

Pnina Tornai wedding dress. Stunning details to say the least.

Swarovski crystals.

Tiffany’s transportation to the boat.

Flamingos are definite weight loss inspiration – LOL.


Sunset ceremony on the island.

Anticipation for his bride.

Loved these.

Reception at Marandi Restaurant with fabulous fireworks during the evening.