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Last Labour Day weekend (yes, in 2012 – I’m very behind in blogging!), I photographed a combo engagement session and bridal session for Amy and Clement in Tobermory.

The bridal session photos were to be displayed at their wedding reception. This is quite common to do in the southern U.S., but not very common north of the border.

Amy and Clement made the trek from Toronto for this photo shoot and I just loved the results! Tobermory is one of my most favourite places to visit!

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I just got back yesterday from a too short yet very sweet visit to Corner Brook, Newfoundland to photograph Danica and Neil’s wedding day on Friday August 17. It was my first visit to the east coast of Canada and it is certainly a lovely place to be.

Here is a sneak peek of their Trash-the-Dress session we did Saturday evening.

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At last – I’m posting about my journey to Aruba.

Tiffany and Dustin along with their family and friends flew from the Boston area to celebrate their wedding in the lovely country of Aruba.  It was a great privilege for me to be a part of their destination wedding experience – I’m glad Tiffany invited me to photograph their special day!

They were married on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and we started off our series of photo shoots with a Trash-the-Dress session.  Tiffany wore a different dress for this session (obviously!).  T & D were up for a sunrise session which turned out to be spectacular as you will see.  Tiffany’s mom picked me up at my hotel around 6am when it was still pitch black out.  Aruba is a nice little place to drive around in and unlike many Caribbean countries, you generally don’t have to worry about getting clobbered with a baseball bat!

Here are a just a few photos from our session on October 8, 2010.  I’ve posted a few similar photos in both colour and black & white because sometimes it’s just too hard to decide.

Ok, so we almost drove by this super fun tree, but I knew if we didn’t stop for a few photos, I would live to regret it. LOVED this location! I “think” this is a dying Divi-divi tree, but don’t quote me on it.

Hello photogenic waves.

The famous lighthouse in Aruba.

A “special” photo session from Aruba will be posted next!

  1. Jewellers said:
    amazing images, love the use of light. Love images with water in them, especially black and white shots.
    April 27, 2011  6:26 pm
  2. Wow these are fab! It's a shame i dont have scenery like that in Kent where i am. Great use of the fisheye lens too!
    May 6, 2011  3:17 pm
  3. Gorgeous! I would have insisted on stopping to photograph with that tree as well. Kudos
    May 10, 2011  11:39 pm
  4. One word for this collection, Stunning !!!. I love the VIBRANT colours and also the use of the fish eye lens, nicely done. One of my favourites is the image on the sofa, great DOF and the legs look like they go on for miles !!, great work!
    May 31, 2011  9:25 am

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