Andrea, Andrea, Andrea. A faithful reader of my blog and it is finally her turn to shine!

I had the privilege of photographing Andrea and Dave’s wedding on September 6 at the Waterview Resort in Wiarton and getting to know them during their engagement session in Guelph back in June.  It is fun what you learn about your couples during the e-session.

There are so many fantabulous photos I could post from their e-session – I think I might actually need to put together a little slideshow to let you see all of them, but in the meantime, here are a few from the session.

Who: Andrea and Dave
What: Engagement Session
When: June 18, 2008
Where: Guelph, ON

We started off at the Old Quebec Street Mall in Guelph.  Andrea wanted to get married here!

After a few photos at the mall, we walked the streets of Guelph and found some very cool places along the way…..

I love this one!

This is one of my fav’s of Andrea.

Andrea’s hair is naturally curly. I can certainly appreciate the effort that goes into transforming curly hair to straight hair so I did some extra photos of Andrea for this very reason – to show off the beautiful straight locks!

I’m jealous of Andrea’s teeth – LOL. (Seriously). My orthodontist tried, but I never did receive the picture perfect smile (like Andrea has) after all his persistent work.

Andrea is convinced Dave looks like a mannequin when he doesn’t smile – LOL.

Once it got dark outside, we hit one last location – Andrea and Dave’s house. I got to meet their 2 furbabies. This is Princess.

And this is Buster (a.k.a. Mr. Smoothy). Ok, there is no Photoshop work here. This is actually a HAIRLESS cat. Andrea insisted I touch him, so I did and no joke – he almost feels like velvet!  (Apparently his prominent features grow on you after a while).

Family Portrait.