Ok peeps. Welcome to my grande finale wedding of 2009 – Katie and Weston’s wedding at the Majestic Colonial Resort in Punta Cana, D.R. They were married on December 10th and boy was it HOT down there!!!  There was zero breeze on the day of the wedding so we were all sweating buckets.  But thou shalt not complain when you are in the sunny Caribbean because that’s usually why you go – for the warm weather.

I have a stack of images to share with you and this is just part 1 of 3………


Miss Kate.

Mr. Wes.

Almost time!

Wedding ceremony officiants.  It’s funny how the judge was wearing a 3 piece suit and didn’t appear to be sweating in the slightest (On a side note, I was impressed with his snazzy pin-stripe suit).

Dominicans are known for being very friendly people.

Here is the entire gang.

Evidently, everyone thought these 2 were “together”.  However, they are full-blood relatives…..brother and sister. Hehehe.  Talk about your little sister cramping your style!

This is the cutest little church on the resort property. You can opt to have your ceremony here, but you must be Catholic.

Stay tuned for part 2!