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News Reporter Grace interviewed a fine young man (at a badminton game) for a story she was working on.

Time passed……

That fine young man proposed to Grace on a ski hill in Banff. He pre-arranged a sign in the middle of the hill that said “Grace’s Proposal” on it (clever!). Down on 1 knee he went.

Grace and Jordan were married on August 6, 2016 at St. George’s Anglican Church, in Owen Sound followed by a reception at Cobble Beach Golf Resort.

As you will see, it was a splendid day.  The imagery from G & J’s wedding is exceptional – a beautiful old church and a spectacular resort on Georgian Bay.

Cobble Beach Bridal Suite

Bride Getting Ready

Cobble Beach View

Bride Getting into Dress

Blue Suede Wedding Shoes

Cobble Beach Bridal Suite

Bride at Cobble Beach

Cobble Beach Bride and Groom

Lighthouse Cobble Beach

Groomsmen Cobble Beach

Cobble Beach Wedding Party

Cobble Beach Wedding Party

Bride and Groom Walking

Wedding Party Cobble Beach Pier

Pier at Cobble Beach

Pier at Cobble Beach

Cobble Beach Pier

Groom at Cobble Beach

Cobble Beach Wedding Party

Bridal Couple Cobble Beach

Wedding Cobble Beach

Cobble Beach Pier

Cobble Beach Wedding

Cobble Beach Wedding

Lighthouse Cobble Beach

Cobble Beach Lighthouse

St. George's Church Owen Sound

Wedding Ceremony

St. George's Anglican Church Owen Sound

Anglican Church Owen Sound

Owen Sound Anglican Church

Owen Sound Church Wedding

Owen Sound Church Wedding

Cobble Beach Wedding Party

Cobble Beach Reception

Cobble Beach Wedding Reception

Cobble Beach Wedding Dinner

Wedding Reception Cobble Beach

Cobble Beach Golf Links

Wedding Reception

Wedding Rings

Greek Dancing Wedding Reception

  1. Sukhi said:
    Beautiful wedding! LOVE the detail shots!
    June 4, 2017  3:09 pm

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Julie and Dylan, two avid curlers, were married on August 1, 2015 at Owen Sound’s premier Golf Resort, Cobble Beach.

If you can envision yourself getting married at a peaceful resort with absolutely stunning views of Georgian Bay, then Cobble Beach may be for you.  The food here is outstanding!

Here is the J & D’s creative wedding team:

Julie and Dylan’s engagement session photographs at Indian Falls are here.

Enjoy the story of Julie & Dylan’s wedding day:

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