Lindsay teaches Power Skating and needed some business portraits done. We got together a couple of weeks ago for her session. We also did some “Just Because” portraits. You should never feel you need to be getting married to have your portraits professionally created. Sometimes it’s nice to do these types of sessions “just because” – perhaps to capture your youth, celebrate a special birthday (ie. 25, 30, 40, 50, etc.), boost your self-confidence/self-esteem, a gift for your mom, a new Facebook profile photo, etc.

We did the session at my house – some inside, some outside. Here are few of my favourites from our 1 hour session together:

Notice Lindsay’s fab lip gloss.

Loved this one.

And this one too.

Definitely a “VaVoom” photo.

This peacock blue coat was totally fabulous.

Totally a “just for mom” image.

My ultimate favourite from the session.

So Lindsay teaches Power Skating and has been offered a gig to teach in a few different states in the U.S. Groovy!  It is really a fantastic opportunity for her and it is great to see Lindsay follow her dreams with something she enjoys doing.  (On a side note, LIndsay is just one of many recent clients that has inspired me to get motivated to get back into shape again.  Thanks!).

Nothing like hitch-hiking on a back road near Markdale. Hehehe.

I really have fun doing these types of sessions – the glamour/fashion style portraits are right up my alley.  A big thanks to Lindsay for trusting me to create these very important portraits for her as well as meeting her expectations with the final results!