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No destination wedding is complete without a Trash-the-Dress Session!  Don’t be fooled by name “trash-the-dress” though – you aren’t really trashing your dress (unless you really want to).  Essentially with beach TTD’s, you are simply frolicking in the sand and ocean in your wedding attire resulting with a collection of wedding images that are truly unique, edgy and like no other.

I tend to go for the more “cinematic” feel being inspired by music videos and such.  Kind of like the “Harlequin Romance” novel look (although I have never read any of those books – honest).

We did K & W’s session the day after their wedding just before sunset.  I always start the session on dry land for a warm-up and to “break-the-ice” so to speak – essentially so we can get into the groove.

I hope you enjoy the imagery I created for Katie and Wes’ TTD session!

I so love this photo. Kate turned to the side to fluff up her dress and voila.  Her hair blowing in the wind is an added bonus, really adding to the mood of the image.

Here’s the part where things get wet, sandy and a little dirty – in a good way of course.

Love those waves.

I think I took enough photos of Wes here so Katie could make herself a 12-month calendar. Hehehe.

This is one of my favourite images from their entire wedding.

These little huts on the beach are fun to work with.

Thanks for tuning in to Kate and Wes’ entire destination wedding. I will be posting their slideshow with music soon!

  1. Beth Baugher said:
    this shoot is to die for, man alive, SEXY ARTY COOL. lucky to have such an amazing couple location...and TALENT. great work !!
    February 24, 2010  1:32 am

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Part 2 of 3 from Kate and Wes’ wedding. We took a break in the afternoon and then resumed at sunset for some bridal party photos on the beach.  Loved the turquoise colours!  Perfect for a destination wedding.

Kate’s sister (and maid of honour).

The Steak House.

SurfN’Turf for dinner.

The Parrot Bar. This is where all the speeches, cake and dancing were held.

Wes works at the Canada/U.S. border. So the joke here was it would be easy for Wes to get the garter because he’s use to searching people. Hahahahahaha! You had to be there, but it was funny.

There is a “party guy” at every wedding – it never fails – there is always one in the crowd at every wedding.

In case you missed part 1 of their wedding, click here.

Stay tuned for Kate and Wes’ trash-the-dress session tomorrow!

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Ok peeps. Welcome to my grande finale wedding of 2009 – Katie and Weston’s wedding at the Majestic Colonial Resort in Punta Cana, D.R. They were married on December 10th and boy was it HOT down there!!!  There was zero breeze on the day of the wedding so we were all sweating buckets.  But thou shalt not complain when you are in the sunny Caribbean because that’s usually why you go – for the warm weather.

I have a stack of images to share with you and this is just part 1 of 3………


Miss Kate.

Mr. Wes.

Almost time!

Wedding ceremony officiants.  It’s funny how the judge was wearing a 3 piece suit and didn’t appear to be sweating in the slightest (On a side note, I was impressed with his snazzy pin-stripe suit).

Dominicans are known for being very friendly people.

Here is the entire gang.

Evidently, everyone thought these 2 were “together”.  However, they are full-blood relatives… and sister. Hehehe.  Talk about your little sister cramping your style!

This is the cutest little church on the resort property. You can opt to have your ceremony here, but you must be Catholic.

Stay tuned for part 2!

  1. Ashley said:
    Gorgeous bride & groom!! Excellent work Stacey!
    February 22, 2010  4:29 pm
  2. nadia said:
    Hi Kate
    I hope Im not bothering you. Is it ok if I ask you a few questions about your wedding? I am having my wedding at the parrot bar on the colonial hotel and I see that s where you had yours.
    thanks nadia
    January 14, 2011  1:45 pm

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